The association Friends of the Garden Georges Delaselle, was created in 1989 on the initiative of a small team of volunteers who, a few years ago, was engaged in the rehabilitation of the garden. The objectives of the association were precise: reopening of the site to the public, enhancement of the archaeological heritage and diversification of the botanical collection. In 1990 the project won the Endangered Masterpieces Competition. In 1992, the garden welcomed its first visitors. A few years later, more than 25,000 people will take the path to Île de Batz to discover the astonishing flora of Jardin Georges Delaselle, which has proudly displayed since 2005 its Jardin Remarquable label awarded by the Ministry of Culture. The association has assumed until 2018 the management of the garden under an agreement with the Conservatoire du Littoral, owner of the site since 1997. She was responsible for a team of 4 permanent employees, who were in charge of the project. maintenance of the garden, the evolution of the botanical collection and the reception of the public, thanks to the only right of entry of the garden. Our association brings together more than a hundred members. They meet every year in general assembly, major event of the association, but also friendly moment to share a common passion.

Président de l’association: Jean Pierre Nicolas
06 52 73 25 40 ou 06 80 22 06 00
Contacts Association « Les amis du jardin Georges Delaselle ».

Jean Pierre Nicolas
Creac’h ar Villin 29253 Ile de Batz
Tel: 06 84 38 99 55